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June 13, 2011
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Katie GrantDaniel Reilly, 202-225-3130

Last week, House Majority Leader Cantor released a memo on the Floor schedule for the rest of the summer that claimed House Republicans have been “laser focused” on job creation. Unfortunately, the facts don’t back up that claim. Since taking the majority six months ago, Republicans have said over and over again that they are focused on jobs, and yet we have not seen a single jobs bills brought to the Floor:

Claim They’ll Focus on Jobs #1

September: Republicans designated job creation as their first priority in their “Pledge to America.”

“A plan to create jobs, end economic uncertainty, and make America more competitive must be the first and most urgent domestic priority of our government. So first, we offer a plan to get people working again.”

But instead they put forward a spending measure that would cost us hundreds of thousands of jobs and voted to put insurance companies back in control of health care by repealing patient rights.

Claim They’ll Focus on Jobs #2

March: Republicans tried to take steps to show they are focused on job creation.

“Under fire for focusing heavily on cutting spending rather than stimulating job creation, House Republicans are taking new steps to emphasize their efforts to spur hiring, including a jobs forum with business leaders to be held in the Capitol next week.”  [NY Times, 03/09/11]

What action did they take? None.

Claim They’ll Focus on Jobs #3

May: Trying to change the subject after feeling the heat at home over their budget that ends Medicare, Republicans unveiled a more-of-the-same jobs agenda. It was poorly received as “a repackaging of policies they have long advocated” and contained “few, if any, new ideas.”

And yet we still haven’t seen any jobs bills on the Floor.

Claim They’ll Focus on Jobs #4

June: In a memo to House Republicans, Majority Leader Cantor claimed that the Floor schedule this summer will focus on economic growth. While there is bipartisan support for patent reform, the memo is very thin on jobs action.

We’ve heard Republicans claim they are focused on jobs before, but we hope for the sake of the American people that this time around Republicans’ actions will be more than just rhetoric. It’s time for Republicans to work with Democrats to focus on the priorities of the American people: creating jobs and growing the economy.

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