Press Release ● Jobs and Economy
For Immediate Release: 
May 20, 2004
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Stacey Farnen

WASHINGTON – House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Ranking Democrats from three key House Committees assailed Republicans’ failure to complete legislation important to job creation, the economy and the country’s future.  Heading into the Memorial Day recess, House Republicans failed to complete two important job-creation bills, a critical transportation reauthorization bill and a tax bill to aid domestic manufacturers, and a Fiscal Year 2005 Budget Conference Report that is necessary to rein in out-of-control deficits.  The following is Congressman Hoyer’s statement as prepared for delivery:

“With the nation at war on terror, with the nation at war in Iraq, with record deficits and record job loss, the American people expect many things from Congress.  Working ‘bankers’ hours’ is not one of them.  This Republican-controlled Congress is on track to work the least amount of days of any session of any Congress in at least 25 years.

“Going by the House Republican Majority Leader’s calendar, America can expect Congress to be in session less than 100 days this year.  Adding together the days we have been in session and those that GOP leaders expect we will be in session through October, the House will work just 99 days this year.  The next fewest days in session would be 119 days in the second session of the 105th Congress.

“And, as we are here to discuss today, there is much that needs to be done.  Republicans’ infighting and refusal to abandon their right-wing agenda have stalled the 2005 budget, which is key to reining in out-of-control deficits; slowed down the transportation bill, which would produce millions of jobs in a sluggish job market; allowed the European Union to impose billions of dollars of penalties on struggling U.S. manufacturers; and put the brake on an energy bill at a time of record gas prices.

“Republicans have made it clear that ‘doing nothing’ is their campaign strategy. Republican leaders have publicly stated they don’t intend to do much this year, and plan to coast until the November election.

“Democrats don’t want to coast.  Democrats want to roll up our sleeves and get things done on behalf of the American people.”