Republicans’ 'Do-Even-Less’ Congress

For those who were impressed with the Republican-led 112th Congress’s unchallenged record as the least productive ever, prepare to be underwhelmed even more.  As the 113th Congress reaches the halfway mark of its first session, it is already on track to outperform the last Congress in passing even fewer laws.  As Dashiell Bennett noted in the Atlantic, the 112th Congress only passed 220 laws – 23 of them in its first six months.  Now, the 113th Congress has reached a new legislative low, setting a pace likely to mean a new record of Republican failure. From the Atlantic:

“[S]ix months into its term the 113th Congress is actually on pace to pass even fewer laws than that. Just 15 bills have become law this year, compared to 23 over the same period in 2011. (It also doesn't help that they rarely show up to work.)”

“[T]here's been no progress on immigration, the debt ceiling, gun control, taxes, climate change, or any of the big, hot ticket items that everyone says they want to take action on. And it's clear that they're not simply responding to the will of the people. One of the few things they have accomplished is historically low approval and confidence ratings. Voting 37 times to repeal a law that isn't going away has a way of making people thing that you're wasting their time.”

The Republican ‘Do-Nothing Congress’ strikes again, this time by doing even less.