*Government Shutdown

Republicans Ask: Why would we reopen government?

We can’t make this stuff up. Republicans not only shut down the government, now they can’t think of why they should reopen it:

“Now that Boehner has survived several days of the shutdown, his friends say there is no point in moving a clean funding resolution.”

“They said the shutdown is leverage in talks with Obama and the Democrats about lifting the debt ceiling. The two issues have bled together, they said, adding that reopening the government would weaken the speaker’s hand.”

“‘Why in the world would you do that? You know, that doesn’t encourage anything. That’s basically at this point a surrender to the Democratic position,’ said Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), a close Boehner ally.”

Why would you do that?! Really? We can think of a few reasons why they should end their shutdown. How about:

  • Getting 800,000 furloughed people back to work
  • Preventing lost economic growth
  • Reopening the WWII memorial to everyone
  • Allowing cancer patients to start life-saving treatments at NIH
  • Getting the CDC back to work, so they can work on their annual flu vaccine and track disease outbreaks
  • Start processing small business loans again

We could keep going, but you get the point.