Republicans Admit: They’re Done Working for the Year

POLITICO reports what’s already pretty apparent: House Republicans have already given up on legislating during the days remaining in 2013:

“In short, if there are hopes of sending President Barack Obama the comprehensive immigration bill so many have lobbied for, or the Employee Non-Discrimination Act before 2014, they’re likely to be dashed.

“It would be a fitting end to 2013, a year devoid of the landmark legislation that both parties say the nation needs.”

“Both privately and publicly, top D.C. leaders are voicing skepticism about anything happening this year. In a recent meeting with his Republican leadership colleagues, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) joked that the House shouldn’t even remain in session in December. As the schedule stands now, the House anticipates being in session eight days next month, after working seven days in November.

Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy of California, the No. 3 House Republican, told activists last week that there isn’t enough time to complete immigration reform this year.

So “not enough time” is the new Republican excuse for not doing anything – except it’s not a very good one. There’s actually seven whole weeks left in the calendar year – plenty of time to take up the bipartisan Senate-passed Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and to bring up comprehensive immigration reform (which has Republican co-sponsors!).  Let’s get something done instead of running out the clock.