Make It In America

The Republican Jobs Plan: Stop Environmental Regulations

Wanted to pass along this op-ed in the Washington Post highlighting how Republicans’ so-called “jobs agenda” isn’t about jobs at all.

Blocking 7 EPA regulations that don’t even exist yet is not a jobs plan. Neither is rolling back critical protections for our air and water. Yet that is exactly what Republicans are proposing.

Key excerpts:

“Now, Republicans have outlined a jobs agenda that mainly consists of eviscerating federal regulations they don’t like, with a particular focus on rules designed to protect the environment. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) released a memorandum to GOP lawmakers on Monday that targets the ten most “job-destroying” regulations in the federal register. Seven of them are rules the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is on track to impose.”

“But what’s the GOP alternative to EPA restrictions on mercury, acid gases, ozone and greenhouse emissions? Cantor’s memo only talks about delaying and weakening proposed rules, not some different approach to environmental protection. Maybe we just don’t need any more of that?”

“A recent Office of Management and Budget review found that existing EPA regulations, particularly those dealing with the air, are among the costliest to comply with — but also among the most valuable, with benefits often vastly exceeding costs, dollar for dollar. In fact, part of the reason the price of environmental regulation is known is that EPA must run rigorous cost-benefit analyses on its rules before finalizing them. That’s how it reckons that every dollar spent on some of the measures Cantor is targeting — those cutting cross-state particulate and ozone pollution — will result in $30 in economic benefits from employees taking fewer sick days, a lower incidence of many chronic illnesses, and fewer early deaths.”

Blocking EPA regulations that do not yet exist is not a jobs plan. Democrats, on the other hand, do have a jobs plan – the Make It In America plan to support job creation by providing an environment for businesses to innovate and make products here in the U.S., which will help more middle-class families Make It In America.