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February 16, 2010
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One year ago, Republicans voted in lockstep against passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which has played a critical role in preventing more job losses and bringing the economy back from the brink of collapse. However, over the past year since it was signed into law, House Republicans have vocally opposed the Recovery Act while at the same time taking credit for positive benefits in their districts. Whether discussing job creation or investments in infrastructure, more than 71 Republicans have attempted to have it both ways.  Below are some examples, including several highlighted in a piece in the Wall Street Journal today:
Hypocrisy Year-In-Review
Representatives Sue Myrick (R-NC) and Jean Schmidt (R-OH) – VOTED NO
“Republican Reps. Sue Myrick of North Carolina and Jean Schmidt of Ohio sent letters in October asking for consideration of funding requests from local organizations training workers for energy-efficiency projects. In November, Ms. Schmidt said in a statement, ‘It is time to recall the stimulus funds that have not been spent before the Chinese start charging us interest.’ Aides to the congresswomen said they had always supported local organizations in their requests for federal funding.” – Wall Street Journal, 2/16/10
Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) – VOTED NO
“House Minority Whip Eric Cantor still thinks the stimulus was a huge waste of time and money — but he's fiercely defending his push for stimulus cash to fund a high-speed rail link between Richmond and Washington, D.C.” – Politico, 7/6/09
“Nearly half of the 30 organizations participating in a job fair Cantor is holding Monday in Culpeper were recipients of the stimulus.” – Washington Post, 11/18/09
“Democrats are calling out Republican Whip Eric Cantor for what they claim is contradictory support of federal funding for high-speed rail in Virginia.  The funding would be part of President Barack Obama's stimulus package -- the same stimulus package Cantor vehemently opposed earlier this year.” –Culpeper Star-Exponent (VA), 6/24/09
Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC) – VOTED NO
“Rep. Joe Wilson … voted against the stimulus. Nonetheless, Mr. Wilson elbowed his way into the rush for federal stimulus cash in a letter he sent to Mr. Vilsack on behalf of a foundation seeking funding. ‘We know their endeavor will provide jobs and investment in one of the poorer sections of the Congressional District,’ he wrote to Mr. Vilsack in the Aug. 26, 2009, letter.” – Washington Times, 2/9/10
Representative Adam Putnam (R-FL) – VOTED NO
“Nine GOP House members from Florida, all stimulus no's, joined nine of their Democratic colleagues, all yesses, in asking the feds to grant a waiver giving them access to, you guessed it, hundreds of millions in state stabilization stimulus cash.” – Politico, 2/19/09
Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) – VOTED NO
“‘Just because you vote no, doesn't mean you don't get the money,’ assured Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.).  ‘We will fight like tigers for us to get our share.’” – National League of Cities, 3/2/09
Representative Geoff Davis (R-KY) – VOTED NO
“On the very same day he was taking credit for stimulus funds for his district, Rep. Geoff Davis (R-KY) put out a statement in which he claimed that the stimulus had ‘failed.’” – Media Matters Action Network, 12/21/09
Representative Mike Castle (R-DE) – VOTED NO
“Castle voted against the stimulus, but spoke out recently in favor of new funding for high-speed rail – which has been funded through the Recovery Act.” – Politico, 2/1/10
Representative Phil Gingrey (R-GA) – VOTED NO
“Rep. Phil Gingrey blasted the federal stimulus program before voting against it in February, predicting its chances of success were “slim and none” and that it would worsen the national debt. But that didn’t stop the Republican from presenting an oversized check for $625,000 in federal stimulus funds to Cedartown officials this month for new downtown sidewalks, landscaping and other streetscape improvements.” – Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 10/18/09
Representative Judy Biggert (IL) – VOTED NO
“U.S. Rep. Judy Biggert, a Hinsdale Republican, voted against President Barack Obama's $787 billion stimulus plan, but is applauding spending $10.9 million of it in Naperville to upgrade the city's public utility. Biggert, however, has not changed her mind on stimulus spending, said spokesman Zachary Cikanek. She just likes the project being funded, he said.” – Daily Herald, 10/28/09
Representative Chris Lee (R-NY) – VOTED NO
“Rep. Chris Lee was opposed to a $787 billion stimulus package signed by President Barack Obama on Tuesday but said he would now fight for funds included in the bill for his district... ‘Now that the bill is passed, I obviously want to ensure I do fight for projects in western New York,’ Lee said.” – Democrat and Chronicle, 2/18/09
Representative Patrick Tiberi (R-OH) – VOTED NO
“I am sorely disappointed that the Cherry Valley Road Interchange will not receive stimulus funding.” – News Release, 3/26/09
Representative Bill Shuster (R-PA) – VOTED NO
“U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster is asking Pennsylvania’s governor to use federal stimulus money to reopen Scotland School for Veterans’ Children north of Chambersburg…. Reopening Scotland School could save about 134 full-time jobs, which was the intent of the ARRA, Shuster said…. ‘I believe action can be taken to re-open the school, but the power lies with the governor in Harrisburg. He has the funding; now he has to use it,’ Shuster said in the news release.” – The Herald-Mail, 11/4/09
Representative Mary Bono Mack (R-CA) – VOTED NO
“This funding will provide much-needed assistance to local residents who are at risk of losing their homes or experiencing homelessness... I am pleased that our community will benefit from this funding.” – Press Release, 2/25/09
Representative Dave Reichert (R-WA) – VOTED NO
“Reichert acknowledges that the stimulus bill will deliver tangible good news to his constituents.” –Boston Globe, 2/24/09
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