Republican Failures

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• Title: “After eight years of controlling the White House, including six years controlling all levers of power, the Republicans now say they are the party of change.” o Video of Rep. Hoyer: “Senator Moynihan once said: 'You are entitled to your own opinions—but you are not entitled to your own facts.' The dominant political fact of the last eight years has been Republican failure—serial governing malpractice.” • Subtitle: “Eight Years of Republican Control over the Economy”, pause, then an overlay in red of “Complete Failure” o Video of Rep. Watson: “The state of our nation's economy is a direct result of economic policies Washington Republicans have been waiting decades to implement. But it wasn't until they had control of all levers of power from 2001 to 2007 that they fully implemented their strategy.” o Video of Rep. Edwards: “Today, 3.4 million more Americans are unemployed than when President Bush took office seven years ago.” o Video of Rep. Watson: “and nearly 5 million more Americans live in poverty.” • Subtitle: “Eight Years of Republican Control over Foreign Policy”, pause, then an overlay in red of “Diminished Strength and Respect” o Video of Rep. Pallone: “Rather than focus on the greatest threat of terrorism along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, the Bush administration has consistently diverted resources to Iraq… a huge foreign policy mistake that has stretched our military dangerously thin, left us unprepared for possible threats, damaged our credibility around the world and allowed Al Qaeda to regroup and become stronger along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.” • Subtitle: “Eight Years of Republican Control over Energy Policy”, pause, then an overlay in red of “Costly Failure” o Video of Rep. Yarmuth: “the two people most responsible for our nation's failed energy policy are the two oil men in the White House----President Bush and Vice President Cheney... The administration admits that 95-percent of its energy policy has now been enacted. So, let's take a look at what exactly it's produced. Over the past seven years, gas prices have more than tripled. ” o Video of Rep. Berkley: “House Republicans have blocked every effort to responsibly invest in renewable energy.” • Subtitle: “Eight Years of Republican Control over Healthcare Policy”, pause, then an overlay in red of “Inaction as Costs and the Number of Uninsured Soar” o Video of Rep. McDermott: “Under this president the number of Americans without health care has risen from 38 million to 46 million.” o Video from Rep. Altmire: “Today, nearly one in nine children does not have access to health insurance… Last year, we tried to ensure that 10 million children had access to health care coverage …President Bush vetoed the legislation twice. What does the Republican nominee John McCain think of Bush's veto of children's health care? Senator McCain recently said that Bush made the right decision.” • Subtitle: “Eight Years of Republican Control over the Federal Budget”, pause, then an overlay in red of “Worst Debts in History” o Video of Rep. Payne: “President Bush has been forced to borrow more money from foreign nations like China and Japan than all 42 of his predecessors combined.” o Video of Rep. Welch: “in a short time, 7 1/2 years, the greatest explosion in the debt of the United States government, which belongs to you and me and the generations that will come after us, that we are going to have to repay, and it will take generations.” • Subtitle: “Corruption and Abuse of Power Throughout the Eight Years of Republican Control” o Video of Rep. Murphy: “not only, monetary favors, gifts, meals, trips, but sex and drugs… $9 billion was wasted, unaccounted for at the beginning of the war, sometimes thrown out of pickup trucks in duffel bags and never, ever seen again… But what we are dealing with really here, is a government run amuck. • Subtitle: “Hurricane Katrina: A Devastating Example of Republican Incompetence” o Video of Rep. Murphy: “left thousands, tens of thousands of residents helpless and hopeless.” • Closing Title: “Republicans Have Failed the American People on Every Major Challenge.” o Video of Rep. Hoyer: “"Every time they try to change the subject, every time they pretend to be agents of change, we will answer with the simple fact of their failure. We have faith in the facts. We will stake an election on that faith. And when we win, we will govern secure in that faith."