Fiscal Responsibility

Rep. Dreier Wrong Again

Unfortunately for Rep. Dreier, his comments on the Floor during the Rule debate that just ended were still wrong about Mr. Hoyer’s position on the CR that failed yesterday. To help him out, here are some quotes from colloquy and from pen and pad that clearly show that Mr. Hoyer was never supportive of the CR.

Colloquy, Thursday, September 15:

“Frankly, on our side we would hope that we could return to what is precedent and that is in an emergency respond with emergency funding as we did throughout the Bush Administration.”

“The fact of the matter is if you target this particular fund, you are targeting a fund which, as demonstrably, grown jobs in America. some 39,000 jobs have been created as a result of loans out of this fund…. There are pending requests, again, which would result in 50,000 to 60,000 new jobs…. So in fact it appears that we may be cutting off our nose to spite our face here.”

“I would urge us to make sure that we do not target a fund which has already demonstrably created jobs.”

“I don't think it's good policy for us to be focused on cutting back on those areas which have the promise of growth and jobs.”

Pen and Pad, Tuesday, September 20:

“I don't know if you listened to the colloquy on Thursday, but I made it very clear that we believe that the Republicans' $1.5 billion cut in the advanced manufacturing technology initiative is counterproductive to growth in jobs and to the growth in the economy. We think they make a mistake. I pointed out eight times under George Bush, we responded to hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, other disasters, fires, and we did so by emergency funding. The Republicans supported President Bush's request for that. We think they ought to support President Obama's request for that. As you know, the Senate voted by substantial numbers to do that in previous funding, without offsets.

“My presumption is they will offer a CR which has that offset in it, and Democrats will be loathe to support that effort because we think it is counterproductive.”

And for good measure, here’s the Washington Post from Tuesday:

“In his exchange with Cantor last Thursday on the House floor, however, Hoyer raised the issue of the funding resolution but did not explicitly say that he would vote in favor of it: he criticized the move by House Republicans to offset the disaster relief funding with cuts to the advanced vehicle technology program as “undermining a specific item in the current scheme of things that is in fact creating jobs.”