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For Immediate Release: 
October 11, 2013

The Republican government shutdown entered its second week as the House Republican leadership continues to refuse to allow a vote on the Senate’s clean bill to reopen the government.  Now in its 11th day, the Republican government shutdown is having negative impacts across the nation, negatively effecting the economy, businesses, and a wide range of sectors.  Democrats have already compromised by accepting the level of funding supported by Republicans, yet House Republicans still refuse to reopen the government so that thousands of people can get back to work. 

Congress is also facing an impending deadline to act to ensure America can pay its bills.  Without action, business leaders and economists warn that there could be deep and damaging impacts to our economy, world markets, families, and businessesI believe that we must take action immediately to reopen our government and ensure America can pay its bills. Once that has happened, Congress should negotiate a balanced and long-term solution to our fiscal challenges.  

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Republican Government Shutdown

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