Issue Report ● Defense and National Security
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August 23, 2010
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Today Republicans unveiled their agenda calling for the exact same failed policies of the past.  The national security agenda presented, once again, does not focus on the real fight against terrorism and the places that give them sanctuary and put our nation at risk.  A review of the Real Republican Agenda:
Taking Eye Off Main Fight Against Terrorism
Republicans failed to put sufficient resources into Afghanistan and Pakistan, letting terrorists reorganize and flourish there.  Instead, they began a costly and ill-conceived war in Iraq.  In contrast, President Obama and Democrats responsibly wound down the war in Iraq in a manner consistent with our national security and have refocused our effort on where the attacks of 9/11 were launched.  As a result, the Obama Administration has killed or captured three times more terrorists in Pakistan in its first 15 months in office than the Bush Administration did in its last five years.
Not Giving Enough Support to Our Troops and Intelligence Community
Republicans sent our troops into a mismanaged war in Iraq—putting too few boots on the ground from the beginning to secure and stabilize the effort, failing to equip those on the ground with adequate protective gear and equipment, and hiring unqualified political appointees to manage the effort. Even now, Republicans continue to vote against the measures that provide troops and our intelligence community the resources they need to do their job and keep us safe.  Republicans have voted against the Defense Authorization Act, the Intelligence Authorization Act, and security-related appropriations bills.

Not Enforcing Tough Sanctions on Iran
During their 12 year control of Congress and 8 years in the White House, Republicans did not enforce tough sanctions on Iran. This Congress and this President passed the strongest sanctions in history and according to press reports the Iranians are hurting for the first time from them.  This President with the support of this Congress was also able to get tough UN sanctions and got the Europeans to cooperate on sanctions even tougher than those passed by the UN Security Council.   In addition, Canada, Australia, Norway, Japan and South Korea have now imposed their own sanctions. Virtually every Western energy company has now agreed to cease sales of refined petroleum to Iran, and to refrain from new investments in Iran’s energy sector. 
Rejecting Funds for Missile Defense
Republicans claim they want  funding for missile defense but voted against it.  House Democrats supported full funding for missile defense in the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2011.  Only 9 Republicans voted in favor of H.R. 5136, which contained $10.3 billion for missile defense funding, including an increase of $362 million above the President’s budget request.  Democrats have made smart decisions to invest in a missile defense at home and for our allies.