Reaction to President Obama's Address

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joining us is the house majority leader with carl cameron on the hill. >> members of congress come out to the cameras to tell us what they thought of the speech that we just saw. we are honored to have with us the senate majority leader from marylanders steny hoyer. what did you think of the first black president speaking at the first recession of congress? >> my thought is that whatever color, this is an extraordinary leader. this is a man and became leader of the united states because he engendered in the american people the confidence that he can do the job. i think he did that tonight. he said we have an economic crisis. we have inherited this crisis, but we are going to rebuild. we are going to recover, and i think is the intent was to engender confidence. not to be confident in the short run, which the recovery and reinvestment act is looking at, but also looking at a longer-run recovery. energy independence, middle eastern nations are other nations to, want to harm us cannot hold us hostage, and we will invest in the health care for our people. we will make affordable and accessible for all. and we will be more competitive internationally with our businesses, and then he concluded that we need to educate everyone of our children beyond that which our competitors are doing so that we will be competitive -- we need to educate every one of our children. and this girl from carolina said that this may not be the best school, but i want to be a doctor or lawyer or engineer, and we are not quitters, and he said, ""americas are not quitters -- ""americans are not quitters."" by god, i believe, yes, we can. yes, we will. we will overcome this and become a better nation. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, carl.