Statement ● Foreign Affairs
For Immediate Release: 
October 20, 2006
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Democratic Leadership

"We write out of a deep sense of concern that the situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate and that there is no effective plan for improvement." 

"Vice President Cheney’s recent comment that, overall, things are going “remarkably well” in Iraq is profoundly troubling if it reflects your Administration’s current assessment of the situation." 

“’Staying the course’ is not a strategy, nor is sitting on the sidelines hoping that the Iraqis will eventually forge a political solution." 

"In two previous letters to you, dated July 30th and September 4th, we outlined sound changes in U.S. policy that would give our troops and the Iraqi people the best chance for success….We hope you will revisit those recommendations in light of the growing crisis confronting Iraq." 

"We urge you to change course, level with the American people, and join with us to develop a policy that will work, before the situation in Iraq is irretrievable."