*Government Shutdown

Questions for Republicans

We know our reporter friends are tired after these past few days of the GOP shutdown, so in case you haven’t written your questions for the Republican press conference today, we thought we’d help you out. Here are a few we’d like to suggest:

  1. Why won’t you bring a clean CR to the Floor and end the shutdown right now?
  2. Why are you letting the shutdown drag on when it could be over today?
  3. You keep saying Democrats should negotiate on a CR – what is there to negotiate, when they already agreed to your number of $986B?
  4. Is Rep. Stutzman correct that this is no longer about the Affordable Care Act, it’s that you’re not going to be “disrespected” and that you don’t actually know what you want out of this? Because that’s kind of scary.
  5. Do you agree with Rep. Cole that Republicans don’t know why you’d reopen the government, and are using it as leverage on an entirely different issue?
  6. Would you like to apologize to the public for closing parks and memorials, and explain why you won’t allow them to reopen by passing a clean CR?
  7. IHS Global Insight estimates that the furlough of 800,000 federal workers is costing the economy $300 million a day in lost productivity – how long are you going to keep government shut down and how bad do the economic impacts have to be before you end your shutdown?