Fiscal Responsibility

Questions for Mr. Cantor

A Wall Street Journal article out today offers a preview of GOP Leader Cantor’s speech tomorrow, and describes it as an attempt to overhaul Republicans’ message. In our effort to be helpful, we’d like to point out that it’s not (only) a message problem they’re having – it’s their obstruction and lack of action on anything substantive. But best of luck to him. And might we also suggest a few questions for after his speech:

  1. Are Republicans going to do anything to replace the sequester?
  2. Why are Republicans wasting time with message bills instead of doing anything constructive to replace the sequester?
  3. How are Republicans going to improve their image among the American people if they allow sequestration to take effect?
  4. If Republicans want to help American families, then why aren’t they working with Democrats on a balanced solution to the deficit?  
  5. In addition to ignoring our fiscal challenges, will Republicans continue to ignore jobs as well?