Pressure Mounts for House to Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The ball is in Speaker Boehner's court for the Republican-led House to pass comprehensive immigration reform, and the pressure is on. The latest to pile on: Gov. Jeb Bush. The former Florida Governor penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, pleading for his party to get their act together, work with House Democrats, and pass comprehensive immigration reform. From Gov. Bush:

"No Republican would vote for legislation that stifled economic growth, promoted illegal immigration, added to the welfare rolls, and failed to ensure a secure border. Yet they essentially will do just that if they fail to pass comprehensive immigration reform—and leave in place a system that does all of those things."

"The necessary overhaul of the immigration system cannot be achieved piecemeal. The most important changes—reducing family preferences, creating a robust guest-worker program, and increasing border security—cannot be enacted with Republican votes alone. That means compromise and a comprehensive approach—or the perpetuation of the status quo that has all of the detriments of amnesty without any of the economic benefits of reform."

"Immigration is not the only issue on which Hispanics or Asians vote. But it is a gateway issue. Republicans have much in common with immigrants—beliefs in hard work, enterprise, family, education, patriotism and faith. But for their voice to penetrate the gateway, Republicans need to cease being the obstacle to immigration reform and instead point the way toward the solution."

Here’s hoping Speaker Boehner is listening.