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For Immediate Release: 
March 5, 2009
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Katie Grant
Stephanie Lundberg
(202) 225 - 3130

Last week, President Obama delivered to Congress a budget outline that shows real leadership and makes the tough, responsible choices necessary to address the challenges facing our nation. In order to get us back on a fiscally sustainable path, it was important for the President to provide an honest assessment of our fiscal outlook, including known costs that have been left off the budget for years, such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Alternative Minimum Tax patch, adjustments to Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate for physicians, and emergency aid for natural disasters. In addition, the President put forward specific proposals to pay for his priorities, including health care reform, investments in clean energy, and middle class tax relief.
Democrats are currently working on developing a budget that upholds the principles set forth in the President's outline. With committees holding hearings throughout the month, we are continuing productive discussions and hope to bring our budget to the Floor soon.