Press Release ● Jobs and Economy
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January 28, 2003
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Stacey Farnen
(202) 225 - 3130

WASHINGTON - House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) released the following statement tonight after President Bush's State of the Union address:

"President Bush is a likeable man, and all Americans hope that he succeeds. But under President Bush, it's deja 'voodoo economics' all over again. In just two years, the President has squandered record budget surpluses and turned them back into enormous deficits that threaten to haunt us for decades to come."

"The President's economic plan even has Republicans balking. It would fail to jumpstart the economy. It's unfairly tilted toward the most affluent. And it's fiscally irresponsible. In sharp contrast, House Democrats have proposed a plan that is fast-acting, fair and fiscally responsible. Our plan creates more than one million jobs. Our plan provides tax relief to workers and businesses. Our plan strengthens homeland security and provides aid to cash-strapped states."

"I hope every American asks one simple question tonight: Am I better off than I was two years ago? By practically every measure, the American people are not better off today."

"Furthermore, the President continues to speak in terms of investing in our people while at the same time undermining important measures that make such investments. While the President has engaged in wonderful photo opportunities on education reform, corporate reform and homeland security, the reality is this: His Administration has failed to support the funding necessary to ensure that such reforms are carried out."

"Finally, the second half of his speech was a serious and somber discussion of the security challenges that confront us worldwide and in Iraq. He did so because quite obviously the American people have concerns about whether he has made a compelling case to use force, if necessary, to disarm Saddam Hussein. The President's comments were extremely important in making this case. I share the view that Hussein has not complied with countless U.N. resolutions, and we must decide in concert with our allies how to address this menace. I was especially pleased that the President asked the Security Council to convene on February 5 to consider Hussein's defiance. Hussein has thumbed his nose at the international community and the rule of law for long enough. His time is running out."