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Poll: Voters Tired of GOP ObamaCare Repeal Efforts

After almost 50 votes to repeal or undermine the Affordable Care Act, the law remains in place and continues to benefit millions of Americans.  A new poll by Kaiser Family Foundation shows that voters are getting sick of Republicans’ obsessive focus on attempting to repeal the law, according to The Hill:

“[A] strong majority – 55 percent – said they accept ObamaCare as settled law that should be improved, rather than repealed. Only 38 percent said they support continued efforts to repeal it.”

Let’s hope when Republicans return from their retreat next week, they will agree to drop their unhealthy obsession with Obamacare and move on to more critical legislative issues most important to Americans, like creating jobs, restoring unemployment insurance, raising the minimum wage, comprehensive immigration reform and avoiding default by ensuring America pays its bills.