Health Care

Poll: Democrats Hold Edge on Contraception Debate, Medicare

A new Kaiser Family Foundation poll out today shows Republican efforts to roll back new health care freedoms, restrict women’s health care access, end the Medicare guarantee, and raise health care costs for seniors still aren’t popular with the American people:

  • 58% of Americans trust President Obama to make the right decisions about the future of health care reform, compared with between 33 and 43% for his Republican challengers
  • 63% of Americans support the President's policy to ensure women’s access to contraception, compared with 33% who oppose it
  • 49%  said they trusted Democrats on the contraception issue, while only 32% said Republicans
  • 70% said they wanted Medicare as it is today, rather than the GOP budget that ends the Medicare guarantee
  • 43% trusted Democrats to handle the Medicare program best, while only 36% said Republicans