Poll: Americans Favor Proposal to Create Jobs, Ensure All Americans Pay Their Fair Share

Bad news for House Republicans: a new Gallup poll shows Americans favor President Obama’s plan to reduce the deficit, create jobs, strengthen our entitlements and ensure all Americans pay their fair share.

From the poll:

Americans support Obama’s plan to pay for the American Jobs Act:

  • 70% of Americans support increasing taxes on some corporations by eliminating certain tax deductions
  • 66% support increasing income taxes on individuals earning at least $200,000 and families earning at least $250,000

Americans support the component pieces of the Americans Jobs Act:

  • 85% support providing tax cuts for small businesses, including incentives to hire workers
  • 75% support providing additional funds to hire teachers, police officer and firefighters
  • 73% support giving tax breaks to companies hiring people who have been unemployed for more than six months 
  • 72% support providing additional funds to modernize more than 30,000 schools 
  • 56% support extending unemployment insurance

Americans think the American Jobs Act will help:

  • 65% think it will help a lot or a little to create jobs
  • 60% think it will help a lot or a little to improve the economy

We hope Republicans will listen to the American people and abandon their ideological agenda so that we can reduce the deficit in a balanced way, grow our economy and help put more Americans back to work.