Politico: House GOP Desperately Seeking Agenda

Today’s must-read is a Politico article highlighting Republican division and the difficulty they are having in setting their agenda:

“House Republicans — who start their annual retreat in Williamsburg, Va., on Wednesday — are facing something of a conundrum: They have the majority but don’t know what to do with it.”

“The leadership has yet to cobble together anything resembling an agenda, and their members are complaining about what they describe as poor messaging.”

“The blank slate, and the GOP’s failure to communicate effectively with voters, is clearly troubling some Republicans.”

“After spending two years talking about the need to cut spending, Republicans are voicing frustration that it’s not resonating with middle-of-the-road voters.”

“Internal GOP polls back the GOP image problem: A mere 11 percent of respondents thought national spending and deficits were the most important issue facing the American public. Thirty-five percent pegged the economy as the top issue. The GOP has had a tough time connecting the two.”

“But even among Republicans, there’s no unified agreement on a fiscal agenda.”

While Republicans sit through “What Happened and Where Are We Now?” and “Turning It Around” presentations over the next week, we here in the Democratic Whip Press Shop thought we’d put together a something a little more useful – a handy list of items for Republicans to consider as they work on an agenda that will actually resonate with voters:

  1. Work with Democrats to bring down the deficit in a balanced way
  2. Replace the sequester
  3. Pay our nation’s bills
  4. Keep our government funded
  5. Support job creation by bringing Make It In America bills to the Floor

You’re welcome, folks.