Politico: Election Angst Hits Hill Republicans

House Republicans are in the midst of a long, cold winter, as story after story highlights their divided and dispirited caucus, which still lacks a comprehensive jobs plan or much else of an agenda.

This morning, Politico piles on:

Their problems span the gauntlet …The GOP House majority is no longer hogging the media attention as it did last year. The agenda remains muddy — and there’s a gulf between House and Senate Republicans on those issues. And there is growing dissension in the ranks over their leadership’s strategy — with tension particularly acute between the rank and file of the House and Senate GOP.”

“Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.), an outspoken freshman, put it bluntly: ‘There’s a disconnect between House Republicans and Senate Republicans.’”

The American people cannot wait around for Republicans to resolve their intra-party food fight. It is finally time for the GOP to reach across the aisle and start working with Democrats to extend the payroll tax cut, create jobs and take meaningful action to reduce our deficit.