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The Plum Line: Groundhog Day in Congress: Dems again target GOP over Medicare

This Groundhog Day, the American people may be feeling a sense of Déjà vu. House Republicans are once again gearing up to push their wildly unpopular plan to end the Medicare guarantee and raise costs for seniors. And like Bill Murray in a certain movie, they might find themselves reliving the same painful scenario over and over again.

As The Washington Post’s Plum Line Reports:

“Over the weekend, GOP Rep. Paul Ryan confirmed that the House Republican budget would again contain key elements of his plan to transform Medicare — even though some polls have shown the idea to be deeply unpopular and Dems have vowed to run on it in 2012.”

“...A recent poll by the Dem firm Democracy Corps found that the Dem message — that House Republicans voted to ‘end Medicare as we know it’ — tests well, with 77 percent in 60 House GOP districts saying it raises serious doubts about incumbents.”

“..The Ryan Medicare plan has become a cause celebre on the right. And so Dems are hoping to use its return to paint the House GOP as AWOL on jobs and still in the grip of its Tea Party wing — after the Tea Party caucus helped engineer the debt ceiling and payroll tax cut debacles that helped drag down the GOP’s (and Congress’s) approval ratings to historic lows.”

Watch out for that plan to end the Medicare guarantee, it’s a doozy!