Overcoming Health Care Reform Hurdles on Fox News

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... of south korea would use it to get more sympathetic media coverage. jane: will the president get a health care reform bill before the recess in august? that is what he wants. serious challenges are faced, some of which from within the democratic party, the so-called blue dog democrats. they have big concerns over how much it will cost and if the deadline can be met. steny hoyer joins us now. will you recess with the health care bill? >> we are hopeful and we believe that we will be able to pass it next week. the committee is still meeting, passing out the bill. still having discussions with members. as you indicate, there are a number of members interested in costs, bending the curve over time so that a percentage of the dollars spent on health care will come down in this country. we have indicated that we want to make sure that citizens have access to affordable, quality health care. every member, blue dog to progressive, everyone in between, says that they will not vote for a health care reform bill. the american public wants to see one. we believe that we are on target and we want to get there. we want to get there through committee by the end of this week and through the house by the end of next week. through negotiations with the senate. we are working very hard toward those ends. jane: would you ask members to stay through vacation to get this done? >> i do nothing bet it is so much a question of staying because what we need to do and what people will continue to do is continue to work on this because a failure for the american people is not an option. we know that we need health care reform. as a matter of fact, as you know the issue in the last presidential campaign is very much centered on health care reform. senator mccain, senator obama, all of the presidential candidates. it is no doubt that this was a huge issue for the american people, they wanted to accomplish the objective of bringing the costs down for families, businesses, and individuals. so many americans are getting health care but not paying, others are having to pay the bill for them. we know that we get -- trying to get the waste, fraud, and abuse out of the system. jane: we all know that. many people might want to fix it because the costs are not sustainable. but what is the rush? why the deadline? why not do it right? >> we want to do it and we want to do it right and we are going to do it right. this business of brush, we have had over 80 hearings on health care reform over the last two years. this was debated very extensively over the past 18 months, some of which were in the presidential campaign of 2008. each candidate had a specific plan. frankly a bill that is pending in the energy commerce committee. it has many of the components included in the plan. the thought that this has been rushed is simply not the case. jane: what is happening in your own party right now? >> in the stand, but when you consider that from 1993 through today in terms of health care reform and all americans and security in access to quality health care, 16 years ago at least. we have been working on this for decades. 80 hearings are the last two years, not a rush. the presidential campaign dealt with this extensively for 12 months last year. not rush. i do not allege this to you, but those that say we have rushed this are not accurate. it is tough to do. people want it done, but it is tough to do. it has taken time. we will give it the time it takes to get it right. we want to get it right. we do not think that a separate experience for another 16 years will necessarily be a solution beginning in getting it right. we need to get it done. ...