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Oops they did it again – The GOP’s Failed Debt Ceiling Strategy

More bad headlines for the House Republicans leadership after they failed to secure votes for their “everything and the kitchen sink” strategy on the debt ceiling. After desperately trying to appeal to their most extreme and conservative faction by presenting a lengthy wish list of favorite GOP policy ideas – most of which have nothing to do with debt reduction – in exchange for addressing the debt ceiling, conservatives still were not happy. Here’s a look at some of today’s blistering headlines:  

CNN: Republican divisions force delay in Boehner's debt strategy

“House Republican leaders were forced on Thursday to delay rolling out their bill to raise the nation's debt limit, after conservatives complained the package failed to include deep enough budget cuts and significant changes to entitlement programs.”

“The debt package includes a lengthy list of GOP priorities, including a one year delay of Obamacare, provisions to roll back regulations on businesses, tax reforms, and approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.”

“But the added items have not garnered enough support from House Republicans.”

The Hill: House Republicans lack votes to move plan to raise debt ceiling

“House Republican leaders found themselves struggling to secure the votes on Thursday for a debt-ceiling measure they hoped to pass swiftly through the House as the latest salvo in a multifront fiscal fight.”

“In a closed-door meeting, the leaders outlined to their members a proposal that would demand a laundry list of Republican priorities in exchange for a yearlong suspension of the nation’s $16.7 trillion borrowing limit. The centerpiece of the plan is a one-year delay of President Obama’s signature healthcare law. But hours after the meeting, the party had yet to release the legislation formally, and conservatives complained that it lacked specific spending cuts and failed to tackle entitlement reform.”

“‘We still have some challenges,’ said Rep. Tom Cole (Okla.), an ally of Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and member of the GOP whip team. ‘We’ve got an awful lot of support, but clearly at this point we don’t have a final product that’s attracting the number that we need. Hopefully that’ll change, and I think it could.’”

Business Insider: The House GOP's Initial Debt Ceiling Strategy Collapsed Because It Wasn't Extreme Enough For Conservatives

“On Thursday, House Republicans released the outline of a bill to raise the debt ceiling that included what an analyst described as a ‘Dear Santa’ wish list of conservative priorities. It also led a senior White House adviser to cast Republicans as suicide bombers, arsonists, and kidnappers.”

“Conservative House Republicans pushed back against the plan. And by the end of the day, leadership at least temporarily shelved the plan and, according to Politico, could wait a week before bringing anything back to consider.”

“This wasn't as public a blow up as some of leadership's past failures, such as the failed 2011 debt-ceiling vote and the ‘Plan B’ gambit leading up to the fiscal cliff last December.”

“But it underscores, yet again, how much trouble leadership will have in satisfying the demands of the most conservative members of their party while also producing a winning strategy. In this case, House conservatives didn't like the plan because they didn't think it sufficiently tackled entitlement reform.”

Roll Call: GOP Leaders Still Hunting for Debt Limit Votes

“Republican leaders still haven’t secured the votes for a debt ceiling bill as they plan weekend sessions to wrap up work to avert a government shutdown.”    

“After presenting a debt limit bill to their conference on Thursday morning that would delay Obamacare for a year and secure permit approval for the construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, leaders have yet to win over enough Republicans to proceed.”

Huffington Post: Republican Leaders Don't Have The Votes For Their Own Hostage Plan

“House Republican leaders rolled out their latest gambit to use the nation's debt limit to extract concessions from Democrats, but they may have spoken too soon.”

“Numerous members of the GOP conference emerged from their weekly closed-door meeting Thursday expressing confidence in a bill that would seek numerous cuts and legislative changes in return for raising the country's $16.7 trillion borrowing cap. They said a vote could be scheduled swiftly, with an Oct. 17 deadline looming.”

“But reports surfaced later in the day, as members thought the plan over, that there might not be enough votes in the fractious Republican caucus to pass it.”

Bloomberg: Boehner Plan on Debt Limit Stalls Amid Shutdown Standoff

“House Speaker John Boehner’s plan to avert a shutdown by shifting to a debt-ceiling fight ran into opposition from some Republicans in another setback for efforts to keep the U.S. government operating after Sept. 30.”