NYT: House Republicans Refusing to Act on Senate Compromises

Just wanted to make sure you saw these twin editorials in yesterday’s New York Times.  The first chides House Republicans for their continued refusal to accept the Senate’s bipartisan reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, leaving LGBT, immigrant, Native American, and student victims vulnerable.  The second makes it clear who is to blame for delaying much-needed postal service reforms. 

  • Delay on Domestic Violence:”  “With Congress just days away from its August break, House Republicans have to decide which is more important: protecting victims of domestic violence or advancing the harsh antigay and anti-immigrant sentiments of some on their party’s far right. At the moment, harshness is winning. …Unless something changes, Republicans will bear responsibility for blocking renewal of a popular, lifesaving initiative. This seems an odd way to cultivate moderate voters, especially women, going into the fall campaign.”
  • Snail Mail in an Election Year:”  “Preoccupied with re-election, Republican members recently found time to cast their 33rd obsessive vote to repeal or defund the new health care law. Yet no floor time has been made available to address ways to help the Postal Service as it faces default Aug. 1 on a $5.5 billion obligation in retirement financing. …Don’t worry, is their cavalier advice, the mail will still be delivered. This is true in the short run, but it is a blow to the service’s business prospects and a blot on the House in failing to meet a basic civic responsibility to constituents.”

The clock is ticking for House Republicans to drop their obstruction and address these bills that affect millions of American families.