NY Times Editorial: Taking Credit Where None Is Due

An editorial in today’s New York Times examines Republicans’ claims that they are responsible for our economic recovery.  So what exactly has the GOP done to help lower unemployment and restore stability? Since taking the House majority, Republicans took our country to the brink of government shutdown, threatened to default on our nation’s obligations, walked away from meaningful deficit reduction, put middle class tax cuts at risk, and still haven’t put forward a comprehensive jobs plan. As the editorial points out, their rhetoric does not match the reality:

Key excerpts:

The prize for the most ridiculous spin, however, has to go to a group of freshman House Republicans who say that they are the ones who lowered the unemployment rate and began to restore stability. ‘If anybody’s going to get a pat on the back for [lower] unemployment and the better economy, it’s House Republicans,’ Jeff Landry, a freshman from Louisiana, told The Hill recently.”

“Bear in mind that House Republicans opposed the stimulus bill, which did more than any other piece of legislation to reduce joblessness. Many continue to denounce the government bailout of the auto industry, which has restored it to strength and is responsible for saving more than a million jobs. And they oppose the very regulations designed to keep a similar recession from recurring.”

“Recall, as well, that this group of antigovernment lawmakers also created a debt-ceiling crisis that nearly drove the federal government into a ruinous default. They tried to kill the payroll tax cut for the middle class. And they succeeded in many of their demands for big cuts in spending on domestic programs, state aid and unemployment insurance that are siphoning fuel from the nation’s engine.”