Fiscal Responsibility

NY Times Editorial: Republicans Hiding Truth on Sequestration

We keep talking about how Republicans are rewriting history when they try to falsely pin fault on President Obama for the upcoming sequestration.  After all, 174 House Republicans voted for the measure that Politico said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was “the chief Republican architect of.”  Today’s New York Times editorial has some choice words for this blame game, calling out Republicans for their attempts to bend the truth and rightfully showing the GOP is responsible for the upcoming sequestration:

Republican lawmakers started a fire last year when they created a debt-ceiling crisis to force cuts in spending. Now that it is beginning to damage their most treasured military programs, they are blaming President Obama for not putting it out.”

“The final deal, negotiated by Republicans and the White House, required more than $2 trillion in cuts, far more than could have been won without extortion.”

“Mr. McCain voted yes, but that has not held him back from denouncing the very deal he supported. He called the defense cuts ‘an emergency situation’ and said he held the president responsible for allowing them to continue.”

The editorial also points out that instead of wasting time attempting to use the sequestration for political messaging, Republicans need to work with Democrats towards a big, bold and balanced plan to avoid the fiscal cliff:

If the senators are serious about averting a problem they helped create, they can support negotiating a deficit-reduction package that includes tax revenues from the wealthy, or they can urge that both sides of the sequester simply be set aside.”

“Blaming the president for their own mistake is not a solution.”

It is time for Republican leaders to stop their political messaging, and instead work with Democrats to responsibly prevent sequestration from occurring.