*2015 Budget

NY Times Editorial: Mr. Ryan’s Faith-Based Budget

In case you missed it, the New York Times had a scathing review of the House Republican budget this morning, highlighting that it’s a political messaging document rather than a serious budget, and that it’s destructive to our country:

“The Republican budget for 2015, released Tuesday by Representative Paul Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, will never come close to being law, so it doesn’t have to pretend to be serious. This is a document designed solely to be reduced to a few bullet points so House Republicans can have something to show their most antigovernment voters.”

“That might work in their most carefully gerrymandered districts, but does the Republican Party really want to coalesce around a budget this destructive to the country’s future: harming the middle class and the poor; undercutting popular safety-net programs, including Medicare and Pell grants; and heaping tax benefits on the rich? Apparently it does…”

Note for our Republicans friends: proposing the same bad policies in your budgets year after year doesn’t make them any better.