Fiscal Responsibility

By the Numbers: The GOP’s Real Motives on Display

According to this Weekly Standard column by Bill Kristol, conservatives should side with Speaker Boehner. Not because it will avoid economic catastrophe or stave off our country’s first default in its history, but because it will be a “victory over Obama.”

Key excerpts:

“To govern is to choose. To vote is to choose. To vote against John Boehner on the House floor this week in the biggest showdown of the current Congress is to choose to vote with Nancy Pelosi. To vote against Boehner is to choose to support Barack Obama. It is to choose to increase the chances that worse legislation than Boehner’s passes. And it is to choose to increase the chances that Obama emerges from this showdown politically stronger.”

“When wavering House Republicans think the current situation through, they won’t choose to join the pro-Obama right. They’ll choose to stand with John Boehner against Barack Obama. Because victory over Obama is no vice. And losing to Obama is no virtue.”

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