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January 26, 2010
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Katie Grant
Stephanie Lundberg
(202) 225 - 3130

In October 2008, Democrats worked with the Bush Administration in a good faith effort to pass legislation to prevent the economy from collapsing into a depression. In February 2009, Democrats worked with President Obama to enact recovery legislation to begin the long process of repairing our damaged economy and creating jobs. Democrats passed the Recovery Act and other job-creating measures with no Republican support, despite the fact that the economy was on the verge of collapse and all signs indicated that we needed to act. Today, the economy is seeing signs of improvement – declining job losses, GDP growth, and stock market gains – but it is clear that Americans are still hurting. As our nation continues to face a recovering economy, Democrats remain focused on creating jobs and invite Republicans to put forward substantive ideas and work with us to create jobs and lay the foundation for a stronger economy.