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No Good Answers: Cantor Stumped On Jobs

While Democrats are out on the stump with our plans to create jobs, Majority Leader Cantor is simply stumped when asked how many jobs would be created by GOP proposals.

National Journal: Cantor Stumped on GOP Job Plan

“But Cantor could not answer host Chris Wallace when asked whether outside economists had reviewed Republican proposals and predicted the number of jobs they would create.”

Politico: Cantor Ducks Job Creation Question

“House Majority Leader Eric Cantor sidestepped questions on ‘Fox News Sunday’ about how many jobs would be created by Republican stimulus proposals, saying, ‘We believe the best way is to provide incentives for investment.’”

From Huffington Post:

“Cantor also sidestepped questions about how many jobs the GOP bills would generate. Wallace pointed out that Moody's Analytics, an independent economic consulting firm, said the president's plan would add 1.9 million jobs next year and grow the economy by an additional 2 percent.”

Meanwhile, Democrats are returning to their districts this week to talk to constituents about our jobs plan – Make It In America – and the American Jobs Act, which will create jobs, boost our economy and ensure middle class families can succeed.