Nightly Whip


On Friday, the House will meet at 9:00 a.m. for legislative business.

First/Last votes expected: 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

“One Minutes” (5 per side)

H.J.Res. 59 - Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2014 (Rep. Rogers (KY) – Appropriations)

Complete Consideration of H.R. 1526 - Restoring Healthy Forests for Healthy Communities Act (Rep. Hastings (WA) – Natural Resources)

The Rule makes in order no further general debate. As of last night, the House completed debate on all amendments.

Postponed Amendment Votes (3 votes)

Rep. Daines Amendment
Rep. McClintock/McCarthy (CA)/LaMalfa/Denham Amendment
Rep. McClintock Amendment