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Office of the Majority Leader - Steny Hoyer



Considered and Passed:


     Motion to Go to Conference on H.R. 3288 - Department of Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010 (Rep. Olver – Appropriations)


o    Motion to Instruct Conferees - Passed

·         Offered by Mr. Latham (IA) (212-193)


Bills Adopted Under Suspension of the Rules (18):


1.       H.Con.Res. 199 - Recognizing the 10th Anniversary of the activation of Echo Company of the 100th Battalion of the 442d Infantry, and the sacrifice of the soldiers and families in support of the United States (Rep. Sablan - Armed Services)

2.       H.Con.Res. 206 - Commending the soldiers and civilian personnel stationed at Fort Gordon and their families for their service and dedication to the United States and recognizing the contributions of Fort Gordon to Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom and its role as a pivotal communications training installation (Rep. Broun - Armed Services)

3.       H.Res. 940 - Recognizing and honoring the National Guard on the occasion of its 373rd anniversary (Rep. Latta - Armed Services)

4.       H.Res. 845 - Recognizing the United States Air Force and Dyess Air Force Base for their success in achieving energy savings and developing energy-saving innovations during Energy Awareness Month (Rep. Neugebauer - Armed Services)

5.       H.R. 2278 - To direct the President to transmit to Congress a report on anti-American incitement to violence in the Middle East (Rep. Bilirakis - Foreign Affairs)

6.       H.R. 2134 - Western Hemisphere Drug Policy Commission Act of 2009 (Rep. Engel - Foreign Affairs)

7.       H.Res. 915 - Encouraging the Republic of Hungary to respect the rule of law, treat foreign investors fairly, and promote a free and independent press (Rep. Donnelly - Foreign Affairs)

8.       H.Con.Res. 213 - Expressing the sense of Congress for and solidarity with the people of El Salvador as they persevere through the aftermath of torrential rains which caused devastating flooding and deadly mudslides (Rep. Mack - Foreign Affairs)

9.       H.Con.Res. 218 - Expressing sympathy for the 57 civilians who were killed in the southern Philippines on November 23, 2009 (Rep. Berman - Foreign Affairs)

10.    H.R. 2711 - FBI Families of Fallen Heroes Act (Rep. Rogers (MI) - Oversight and Government Reform)

11.    H.Res. 907 - Recognizing the Grand Concourse on its 100th anniversary as the preeminent thoroughfare in the borough of the Bronx and an important nexus of commerce and culture for the City of New York (Rep. Serrano – Transportation and Infrastructure)

12.    H.R. 4165 - To extend through December 31, 2010, the authority of the Secretary of the Army to accept and expend funds contributed by non-Federal public entities to expedite the processing of permits (Rep. Larsen – Transportation and Infrastructure)

13.    H.R. 1854 - To amend the Water Resources Development Act of 1992 to modify an environmental infrastructure project for Big Bear Lake, California (Rep. Lewis (CA) – Transportation and Infrastructure)

14.    H.R. 3224 - To authorize the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution to plan, design, and construct a vehicle maintenance building at the vehicle maintenance branch of the Smithsonian Institution located in Suitland, Maryland (Rep. Becerra - House Administration)

15.    H.R. 2221 - Data Accountability and Trust Act (Rep. Rush - Energy and Commerce)

16.    H.R. 1319 - Informed P2P User Act (Rep. Bono Mack - Energy and Commerce)

17.    H.R. 4217 - Federal Aviation Administration Extension Act (Rep. Rangel – Ways and Means)

18.    H.R. 4218 - To amend titles II and XVI of the Social Security Act to prohibit retroactive payments to individuals during periods for which such individuals are prisoners, fugitive felons, or probation or parole violators (Rep. Tanner - Ways and Means)


Postponed Suspension Votes (6):


1.       H.R. 3951 - To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 2000 Louisiana Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana, as the "Roy Rondeno, Sr. Post Office Building" (Rep. Cao - Oversight and Government Reform)

2.       H.R. 4017 - To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 43 Maple Avenue in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, as the "Ann Marie Blute Post Office" (Rep. McGovern - Oversight and Government Reform)

3.       H.Res. 35 - Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that Congress should provide increased Federal funding for continued type 1 diabetes research (Rep. Gene Green - Energy and Commerce)

4.       H.Res. 55 - Expressing support for the designation of a National Prader-Willi Syndrome Awareness Month to raise awareness of and promote research into this challenging disorder (Rep. Royce - Energy and Commerce)

5.       H.R. 3603 - To rename the Ocmulgee National Monument (Rep. Marshall - Natural Resources)

6.       H.R. 86 - To eliminate an unused lighthouse reservation, provide management consistency by bringing the rocks and small islands along the coast of Orange County, California, and meet the original Congressional intent of preserving Orange County's rocks and small islands (Rep. Campbell - Natural Resources)