Nightly Whip
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Office of the Majority Leader - Steny Hoyer


Considered and Passed:

H.R. 3534 - Consolidated Land, Energy and Aquatic Resources Act (Reps. Rahall/Oberstar – Natural Resources/Transportation and Infrastructure) (209 - 193)

-      Amendments – Passed (9):

·      Rahall Manager’s Amendment

·      Castle Amendment

·        Kind/Kratovil/Heinrich/Perriello/Titus/Kissell/Arucuri 


·        Shea-Porter Amendment

·        Teague/Jackson Lee Amendment

·        Oberstar/Himes Amendment

·        Connolly/Holt/Welch Amendment

·        Melancon/Childers Amendment

·        Melancon Amendment


-      Motion to Recommit – Failed:

·         Offered by Rep. Cassidy (LA) (166 - 239)

H.R. 5851 - Offshore Oil and Gas Worker Whistleblower Protection Act (Rep. George Miller (CA) – Education and Labor) (315 - 93)

-      Motion to Recommit – Failed:

·         Offered by Rep. Kline (MN) (171 - 234)


Bills Adopted Under Suspension of the Rules (5):


1)      H.Res. 1558 - Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that fruit and vegetable and commodity producers are encouraged to display the American flag on labels of products grown in the United States, reminding us all to take pride in the healthy bounty produced by American farmers and workers (Rep. Cardoza - Agriculture)

2)      H.R. 5901 - Real Estate Jobs and Investment Act (Rep. Crowley - Ways and Means)

3)      H.Res. 1566 - Recognizing and commemorating The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and the National Sit-In Movement (Rep. Lewis (GA) - Judiciary)

4)      H.R. 5414 - To provide for the conveyance of a small parcel of National Forest System land in the Francis Marion National Forest in South Carolina (Rep. Brown (SC) - Agriculture)

5)      H.R. 5981 – To increase the flexibility of the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development with respect to the amount of premiums charged for FHA single family housing mortgage insurance (Rep. Frank – Financial Services)


      Bill Not Adopted Under Suspension of the Rules (1):


1)      H.R. 5982 - Small Business Tax Relief Act (Reps. Levin/Murphy (NY)/Owens – Ways and Means)