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September 9, 2003
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Politics - Ney, Hoyer Discuss How To Get Funding For Election Reform

Fourteen months out from the 2004 election, House Administration Chairman Ney and Minority Whip Hoyer are discussing how to secure the full $3.9 billion authorized over
three years for election reform under the Help America Vote Act.

"Bob Ney and I have agreed to a number," Hoyer confirmed to reporters today.

Hoyer declined to specify how much they are seeking, but one source indicated today election reform proponents could push for as much as $2 billion. One option would be to ask appropriators to add election reform funding to the FY04 Iraq supplemental spending bill.

However, Hoyer acknowledged House Appropriations Chairman Young might be reluctant to include any money not related to Iraq. The House's FY04 Transportation-Treasury appropriations bill includes $500 million in funding for election reform, which would bring federal spending to date on election reform up to $2 billion.