Voting Rights

New York Times Op-Ed on Growing Momentum for Reform of Voting Laws

From the Democratic Whip Press Shop:

Wanted to make sure you saw this op-ed in the New York Times highlighting the growing resistance to new measures that have been introduced by Republicans in states across the country that would make it harder for millions of eligible voters to register or vote. It also highlights the clear momentum for reforming the electoral system to allow for maximum participation.

Key Point: “Since the beginning of 2011, lawmakers around the country abruptly enacted laws to curb voting rights and tighten registration rules. These measures are fiercely controversial. But lately the debate has taken a surprising turn. Suppressive voting laws have met resistance at the polls and in the courts. This surprisingly emphatic twist is good for our democracy. If the restriction of voting rights can be blocked or blunted, it will give us an opportunity to move forward with bipartisan reforms to our ramshackle registration system.”

More Excerpts:

“In Maine, voters reversed a new law, passed in June 2011, that ended same-day registration. Now voters will be able to register on Election Day in 2012.”

“In Ohio, more than 300,000 citizens signed petitions, enough to temporarily suspend the state’s new law that curbed early voting and force a statewide referendum in November. Now nervous Republicans are close to a deal with Democrats that would repeal the law and restore early voting for the three days before the election.”