Health Care

New York Times: Good Progress on Affordable Health Care

In recent weeks, House Republicans have gone silent on the Affordable Care Act, abandoning their pursuit of votes and hearings intended to repeal the healthcare law. Their sudden lack of action on the issue shows what we knew all along: the Affordable Care Act works. Here are some highlights from today’s New York Times editorial:

“Americans are finding very affordable health insurance and a wide choice of plans on the exchanges operated by the federal government, according to a report issued Wednesday by the Department of Health and Human Services.”

“The administration reported that people who bought so-called silver plans, the most popular on the exchanges, paid an average premium of only $69 a month after factoring in the tax credits. Almost half of the enrollees who bought plans of any kind on the exchanges paid $50 a month or less after tax credits. Those are bargain rates by any measure.

“More than 80 percent of the enrollees had three or more companies to choose from, and 96 percent could choose from two or more.”

“The survey found that nearly six in 10 people who bought insurance through the exchanges were previously uninsured, a good sign that the law’s goal of near-universal coverage may be achievable. Though the system is still new, millions of Americans are already being helped, and every success makes it that much harder for its political enemies to repeal or disable it.”

The Affordable Care Act is already benefiting millions of Americans. It’s no wonder the GOP has gone quiet.