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New Poll: Americans Want Jobs, Not Health Care Repeal

A new poll by United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection shows Americans continue to agree with Democrats and believe Congress should be focused on creating jobs rather than Republicans’ continued obsession with undermining the Affordable Care Act:

More than anything else, voters would be happiest if Congress and President Obama focused on creating jobs, according to the latest United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll. And they don't care if lawmakers use Republican or Democratic ideas to do so.”

By more than three to one, Americans said they would be ‘very pleased’ or ‘somewhat pleased,’ rather than ‘somewhat disappointed’ or ‘very disappointed,’ if the chief executive and lawmakers worked together to create jobs—either by cutting taxes and regulations or by increasing federal spending on infrastructure projects. Both options were the most popular of the six policy goals offered to respondents, although majorities also said they'd be happy if the government reduced the deficit, passed an immigration overhaul that included a pathway to citizenship, and expanded gun-sale background checks.”

The survey is a wake-up call for Congress. Even as lawmakers have spent most of the year fighting over items ephemeral to the health of the economy, overwhelming numbers of voters would prefer they concentrate their efforts on boosting job growth.”

A proposal to expand background checks for gun purchases also registered broad support. Seventy-four percent of adults said they would be happy if such a proposal passed, compared with only 22 percent who said they would be unhappy. Remarkably, 56 percent of people said they would be ‘very pleased’ if lawmakers approved the legislation—the highest level of support for any proposal.”

Nearly as large a group of adults said they would be happy if lawmakers approved immigration reform—including a pathway to citizenship and tighter border security. Sixty-six percent of respondents felt that way, compared with 28 percent who said they would be disappointed.”

Job creation, background checks and immigration reform – sounds like the agenda Democrats have been advocating all along.