New Poll: Americans Don’t Want Sequestration, They Want Compromise

Well this should come as no surprise. According to a Bloomberg News poll, Americans want Congress to prevent the steep and arbitrary spending cuts, better known as the sequester, from happening. In addition to this revelation, the American people also support a compromise that includes both revenues and strategic spending cuts:

“Fifty-four percent of poll respondents favor postponing $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts during the next nine years beginning on March 1, compared with 40 percent who say Congress should act now before the deficit gets out of control.”

Almost 3 in 5 say the budget deficit should be curbed through a combination of spending cuts and tax increases on companies and high earners, as the White House has proposed, rather than focusing exclusively on spending reductions, as Republicans assert.” 

“There is little public appetite for cuts to federal education, food stamps and transportation programs, with majorities saying such spending shouldn’t be touched.”

So, the American people get it: the only way to responsibly reduce the deficit while protecting our recovering economy is through a balanced approach of both spending cuts and revenues. Republicans, are you listening? Speaker Boehner, in case you lost your copy, here’s House Democrats’ alternative to the sequester. We’re ready when you are to take action.

[Another PS for our Republican friends: here’s an interesting take on why sequestration may do little to reduce the deficit  after all. You’ve got a week to get serious.]