National Journal: Is the House GOP Stepping on Its Own Message?

This morning’s headline says it all. Instead of focusing on bipartisan legislation this week as originally intended, the GOP just couldn’t help themselves.  Now the focus is on their partisan bills – which, as National Journal points out, is overshadowing the bipartisan charter schools bill on the Floor this week.

From National Journal:

“House Republicans had a plan this week: Show a more workable side to Congress by highlighting a charter-schools bill written and passed together with Democrats.”

Yet the message may be trampled as House leaders also take up measures relating to the IRS investigation and the Benghazi attack, both combustible partisan issues. The move has Democrats—and some Republicans—complaining that the schools bill, and the cohesion it represents, now appears to be an afterthought.”

“Some Republicans have also complained about the timing and the mix of legislation GOP leaders are bringing to the floor this week, saying the schools bill is sure to be drowned out. ‘We’re burying in all of this stuff one of the first significant bipartisan pieces of legislation this Congress has been able to do,’ complained one senior House GOP aide.”

You mean Republicans can’t put aside partisan issues and work with Democrats even for a week?

(Hint: That’s a rhetorical question.)