Morning Roundup: Sequester Edition

More bad headlines for House Republicans. The sequester's adverse effects continue to hurt and inconvenience American families and the majority of Americans disapprove of the GOP's irrational policy and their consistent inaction:

POLITICO: Furlough Friday: 4 Agencies Closed For Business

“In all, about 115,000 people — roughly 5 percent of the federal workforce — won’t be on the clock for the day … More than 830,000 federal employees have already been told they’ll need to take unpaid leave before the end of the fiscal year because of the sequester, and Friday brings the largest nonweather related partial government shutdown in recent memory.”

POLITICO Op-ed:  The Sequester may bring Summer air travel woes

“But this summer could bring with it the beginning of more unnecessary delays for airline passengers as a result of the ongoing federal budget sequester. … Congress and the White House must work together to address sequestration and arrive at a comprehensive budget fix, but their solution must not sacrifice airports and the economic activity they generate in hundreds of cities throughout the United States.”

Washington Post: Post-ABC poll: Most Americans Still Disapprove of Sequester

Thirty-seven percent of Americans say they have felt a negative impact from the sequester, the poll shows.  The data indicates 56 percent of Americans disapprove of the sequester, which is roughly on par with the 57 percent who felt that way in April and the 53 percent in March.”

Washington Post: More Americans favor House Democrats

“Asked if they would support the Republican candidate or the Democratic candidate in their congressional district were the election held today, 48 percent of registered voters chose the Democrat. Forty percent chose the Republican.”

Let's see: more debt ceiling games, no budget conference and definitely no effort from House Republicans to replace the sequester. Looks like the GOP will have an awesome time selling their agenda at home for the district work period. Good luck with that.