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Morning Roundup: Republicans’ “Deep Split” Edition

A look at this morning’s headlines shows Republicans are divided over whether Congress should extend the payroll tax holiday. And to think, all this time we thought they were the Party of tax cuts. While they have no problem uniting around tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, they’re struggling to find support for putting more money back in the pockets of middle class families and boosting our economy:

Washington Post: Republicans split on Democratic plan to extend payroll tax cut

“A Republican Party that has for decades benefited from a commitment to lower taxes is now finding itself on the defensive on the issue, as members face a deep split over a Democratic plan to extend a payroll tax reduction.”

“What might normally be a no-brainer for most congressional Republicans is being resisted by many tea-party-conscious members…”

“Republican leaders fear that the party, which has spent the past year fighting Democrats’ proposals to raise taxes on the wealthy, cannot now allow the payroll tax to increase without handing Democrats a powerful election-year argument that the GOP supports lower taxes only for the rich.”

CQ: GOP Leaders Struggle With Backlash Over Their Support for Payroll Tax Plan

“Speaker John A. Boehner continues to face deep opposition and widespread second-guessing from House conservatives over the Republican leadership’s plan to back an extension of the payroll tax cut.”

“The issue has left Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor trying to salvage an extension of a cut in Social Security taxes paid by workers to avoid exposing Republicans to charges they are more concerned about tax cuts for the rich than for the middle class.”

“Senior Republicans say House leaders have given them no options that are acceptable on either policy or political levels. And they say that internal divisions are weakening their leverage in dealing with a Senate and White House controlled by the other party.”

The Hill: GOP divisions on display over payroll tax

“Top Senate Republicans on Tuesday continued to express opposition to using a millionaires surtax to fund an extension of the current payroll tax, even as one of their own proposed that sort of solution.”

“House GOP leaders, meanwhile, have urged their rank and file to get on board with a payroll tax cut extension. But they have run into some skepticism, and are still trying to formulate their plan for dealing with the issue. The House GOP conference is set to discuss the payroll tax in a Wednesday morning meeting.”