Fiscal Responsibility

More Republicans Ready to Accept Harmful Sequestration

The deadline to avert the sequester is looming, so Republicans are working hard to come up with a plan to avert them. Wait, sorry. No they’re not.  Per The Washington Post

“An array of proposals are in the works to delay or replace the cuts. But party leaders say they see no clear path to compromise, particularly given a growing sentiment among Republicans to pocket the cuts and move on to larger battles over health and retirement spending.”

Leading Republicans also appear ready for sequestration to hit:

Sen. John Cornyn: “[The sequester] is the only cuts we’ve got right now.” [Washington Post, 1/30]

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan:I think the sequester is going to happen.” [Meet the Press, 1/27]

Wonder what the defense community has to say about Republicans’ embrace of the sequester.