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WASHINGTON, DC -- House Democratic Caucus Chairman Bob Menendez (D-NJ) today joined Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer, and Assistant to the Leader and Ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee John Spratt at a press conference to discuss the failures of the House Republican leadership during the 108th Congress.  Menendez made the following statement:

“Republican failures throughout the 108th Congress did not occur for the lack of opportunity to do what is right for the American People.  Opportunities to help all Americans -- improving our children’s education, making health care more affordable, creating jobs, passing middle class tax cuts, or, perhaps, most importantly, securing America by reforming its intelligence community and strengthening homeland security.

“In just another typical example of this Republican Congress' failures, last night, Tom DeLay and his leadership gang forfeited an opportunity to join ranks with Democrats in our plan to protect America.

“But instead of working on behalf of all Americans, we, once again, witnessed partisanship over comity and the triumph of partisanship over America's security.

“Republicans had the opportunity to endorse and vote for the unanimous and bi-partisan recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, supported by 9/11 families and 96 Senate Democrats and Republicans.

“But Republicans are so blinded by their partisanship that they chose to vote against the Menendez Amendment, a substitute to the Republican 9/11 intelligence reform bill, H.R. 10, and against the attempts of the Senate to prove that there are no Democrats or Republicans in matters of protecting our homeland – there are only Americans and patriots.

“Last night, Republicans not only failed this great institution, they failed the American People and the 9/11 families.

“And their failures to lead this Congress in an even-handed way, undermining and corrupting the democratic process and choosing partisanship over security, will have consequences on November 2.”



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Andrew Kauders
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October 8, 2004