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For Immediate Release: 
September 22, 2004
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Andrew Kauders

WASHINGTON, DC -- House Democratic Caucus Chairman Bob Menendez (D-NJ) today joined House Democrats in the announcement of the Democrats' New Partnership for America's Future at an event on the steps of the West Front of the United States Capitol.  The Partnership reflects our values and a Democratic vision for a better America.  It consists of six core values:  national security, prosperity, fairness, opportunity, community and accountability.  Menendez made the following statement:

“Today’s announcement marks the beginning of our final sprint towards a November victory for House Democrats, and an effort by Democrats to take back this great institution on behalf of all Americans, not the special interest -- we do so with a message that resonates throughout America and an agenda that is for all Americans:  ensuring our national security; providing prosperity for all Americans; empowering our seniors, veterans, and families; creating jobs here at home instead of shipping them overseas; and providing affordable healthcare for all Americans.

“After 10 years in power, the Republican majority has shown our nation that it does not share the values we hold so dear, values shared by all Americans. 

“Republicans certainly do not share our values when they ship American jobs overseas, provide massive tax cuts for the wealthy, and leave middle class families to fend for themselves;  Republicans do not share our values when they send our men and women in uniform overseas, but fail to provide them with the necessary protective gear and fail to provide adequate health care for our veterans here at home and our wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan;  Republicans do not share our values when they fail to provide health care for our children, and fail to provide affordable health care for our seniors, who are forced to choose between prescription drugs and food; and Republicans do not share our values when they cut funding for more cops in our neighborhoods and on our streets.

“After a 10-year Republican nightmare in the United States Congress, and a 10-year absence of honesty and integrity in the people's House, our country is ready for a change that better reflects the priorities of all Americans.

“With this New Partnership for America’s Future, we Democrats are committed to take decisive action to put our country back on track and work on behalf of all Americans to march into a future full of opportunity and optimism, and a future that does not leave our families, children, seniors or veterans behind.”