Make It In America

MEMO: President Obama's Jobs Speech & The Make It In America Plan

To: Interested Parties
From: Democratic Whip Press Office
Re: President Obama’s Jobs Speech & The Make It In America Plan

The American people sent a clear message over the August recess: They want us to do more to create jobs. Tonight, President Obama will outline his plan to create jobs now and improve our economy. As you listen to the speech, we expect you will hear a lot of overlap with the Democrats’ Make It In America plan to rebuild American manufacturing, create well-paying jobs and put people back to work. President Obama’s plans to help small businesses and middle class workers are ideas at the core of Make It In America plan.

We also anticipate President Obama will urge Congress to set aside our differences and work together to help more hard-working Americans. The Make It In America plan contains many bipartisan ideas—such as the research and development tax credit and corporate tax reform---that have previously been supported by both parties.

We also expect President Obama to discuss the need to put people back to work by improving America’s infrastructure, an idea central to our Make It In America plan and a goal embraced by both labor and business groups. Now is the time to invest in future economic growth by upgrading our nation’s bridges, roads, and runways and create jobs.

Just this week, Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor agreed, stating in a letter to President Obama: “We are not opposed to initiatives to repair and improve infrastructure.” If Republican leaders are serious about improving our infrastructure, they can start by passing clean extensions of the FAA and Highway Bills and not jeopardize billions of dollars in highway funding and nearly one million jobs.

While tonight we pause to hear the president’s jobs plan, tomorrow it will be time to get back to the work of getting more people back to work. We can start by passing the following common-sense legislation:

  • Legislation to hold accountable countries that unfairly manipulate their currency (a similar bill passed with 348 votes last Congress).
  • The creation of a National Manufacturing Strategy so America can have a comprehensive roadmap, like many of our competitors do, for how we will strengthen our manufacturing sector and create more jobs.
  • The creation of an infrastructure bank to facilitate efficient investments in and financing of infrastructure projects.

But our work won’t stop there. Business and labor leaders alike support Democrats’ Make It In America plan—because Making It In America is central to the future of our competitiveness and to getting more Americans back to work.