Memo to Mitch McConnell: Bipartisan Support for Currency Manipulation Bill Continues

Mitch McConnell must be feeling a little embarrassed: despite his claim last night that the currency manipulation bill was “not going anywhere,” today twelve GOP Senators bucked their leadership and voted to advance the bill.

A key component of the Democrats’ Make It In America jobs agenda, this legislation would help lower our trade deficit by leveling the playing field and help get more Americans back to work.

Maybe that’s why a similar measure passed last year in the House with 348 votes, including 99 Republicans.

Or that this year’s version has over 218 sponsors in the House and conservatives like Lindsey Graham support the idea in the Senate.

Now that the Senate has agreed to take up this bill and given the majority support for the measure in the House, it is time for House Republican leaders to take it up and give American workers the chance to succeed.