*2014 Republican Budget

McCain, Collins Slam Republicans For Budget Hypocrisy

It was definitely a lively debate on the Senate Floor this afternoon. A great illustration of the growing rift between Republican factions, two Senate Republicans argued against their own Republican colleagues on the next step in our budget process. As Talking Points Memo explains, Sens. John McCain and Susan Collins agree with Democrats and are in favor of following regular order and object to Republicans’ continued obstruction of the budget process:

Sen. McCain: “For four years, four years, we complained about the fact that the majority leader … would refuse to bring a budget to the floor of the United States Senate. What [do] we on my side of the aisle keep doing? We don’t want a budget unless — unless — we put requirements on the conferees that are absolutely out of line and unprecedented.”

Sen. Collins: “We have called repeatedly for a return to regular order in this body. Well, regular order is going to conference. [The Republican stance] certainly is ironic at the least. It is an opportunity for the Republican House to argue for its budget.”

We couldn’t agree more. Perhaps some of their House colleagues will join House Democrats to encourage the House of Representatives to appoint conferees, as well.